About ScholarshipCa

ScholarshipCa is an online portal that connects International students to available scholarship opportunities in Canada. Our website makes it easy for International students to identify scholarship of their choice. Over the years we have successfully built a scholarship website for international students round the world ( and Nigerian student ( Currently ScholarshipAir is one of the best website that Nigerian students get information about latest scholarships. We have done great job on ScholarshipTab blog educating international students on scholarship search and application. What we are doing here at ScholarshipCa is to specifically help International students that wish to study in Canada to have a well organized website where they can get information about ongoing opportunities in Canada to help them finance their studies.


Our mission is to make it easy for International students that wish to study in Canada to discover ongoing scholarship opportunities in Canada with our technology.


Our vision is to become the largest scholarship portal for International students that wish to study in Canada.


Our team comprises of great content developers and experienced software developers that knows how best scholarship opportunity should be presented.


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